Saturday, August 21, 2010

6th Ave Bakery, New Westminster - Not Gluten Free

I was so thrilled to find this bakery. The bread is delicious. I planned to order two loaves and 24 buns every week for the rest of my life! And for three weeks I ate the bread and buns without any noticeable problems. I’m pregnant, so I am already tired and sometimes nauseous with low blood pressure (some of my gluten reaction symptoms).

However, my good health came to an end yesterday when I became severely ill. I ate the bread at breakfast. But after feeling dizzy, nauseous, and vibrating like I used to, I realized it was the bread and stopped eating it or feeding it to my kids. I hoped that I would feel better today.

Today I continued to be very ill and had the first and only episode of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome since going gluten free last December. It was so horrible to go through it again. My whole body vibrating and sweating, my heart racing till I felt like I was going to faint, the shaking and unreality. It all came back. I had to lie down and wait for it to pass. It was a reminder how easily I could slip back into illness.

I was not once warned about cross contamination by the baker or anyone else. I’ve been there twice and phoned in an order. There was no warning to me whatsoever. Not once. I was only told that if the bread was sliced by them, then I would have to be concerned about cross-contamination. I chose not to have my bread sliced by them, although I wasn’t even sure if it would bother me.

A google search brought up several reviews made by others who became ill after eating this bread. Feeling this unwell, so that I can barely function is disabling. No one should have to experience this when they think they are eating safely. I am a pregnant, single mother. It's hard enough taking good care of my children without being ill on top of it.

He should not advertise gluten-free if people are getting sick from eating his bread. I thought I’d never have to feel this way again. I wish I didn’t hear of his bakery.


psylocke said...

That's awful!!! I can't believe that he can get away with selling this bread as gluten free. What if it was a peanut allergy and someone died as a result? "well, theres only a little bit of peanut"..could you imagine hearing this?
I hope you can find some gluten free gems from my blog, I have found some great food out there, and there are many more choices than there used to be. Hang in there! This diet is life-changing!

Goodness Goddess said...

Thank you for commenting and thank you for your blog! It's comforting to know others are out there having similar experiences!