Monday, August 2, 2010

Heal Thyself

I was done with doctors. They had managed to offer me nothing but judgement and disbelief. They, along with my husband and his family, treated me like a hypochondriac. They condescended to me, offered no help, and left me alone to find my own healing.

The laughing cure was not working. That was clear. I was still as moody and uncomfortable as ever. Fighting with my soon-to-be "ex" husband was not helping the matter.

But maybe I was onto something with this diet. Day one and day two surprised me. For the first time in my life, I did not feel bloated at the end of the day. My nausea was greatly reduced. I didn't know if I was just having a couple of good days but I couldn't refute the absence of bloating. That was interesting. But not mind blowing.

Day three I noticed that my dry eyes which had been previously becoming worse and worse every day, were suddenly improving.

By day four, I noticed a big increase in my energy levels. My eyes were even less dry. My bloating was still gone. And my nausea had disappeared almost completely. I felt incredible. I felt like I was not ill.

Shocked that I could suddenly be feeling so much better in only four days, I went on the internet and googled: "food allergy miraculous recovery"

As I read about the many "miraculous recoveries" people posting on the web have experienced, I started to see the common thread for me. The longer I delved, the more I learned about gluten intolerance and autoimmune disorders. How gluten intolerance IS an autoimmune disorder.

All of my symptoms could be explained by gluten intolerance. And my symptoms had been getting worse? Well, I had been eating more gluten lately. As my depression and hopelessness had grown, I had turned more to comfort foods, not caring anymore. If no amount of eating healthy was working, then why bother eating healthy? I ate more cereal, cinnamon buns, peanut butter and toast. I was poisoning myself.

When I spoke to my husband on the phone that day, I said to him. "I think I am getting better." He snorted skeptically. But I wasn't celebrating yet. I'd had many disappointments; a good day or two that had me believing the worst was over. Then trying to cope as it got even worse. I had hope again. But I was moderating my emotion in case the good days did not last.

I began to slowly introduce the other foods back into my diet. I did not try any product with gluten in it. I slowly phased in every other food I'd gone off of, except for foods with gluten in them. I found that potatoes and corn give me stomach aches and dairy makes me bloated. But I never tried gluten again. So happy was I to have my health back.


Catharticmelon said...

I've just read all your posts in one go, having seen your post on potshelp. Thank you for telling your story. Inspirational, and helpful! I have pots and am wondering about the gluten, and think I'll test myself to find out if I'm intolerant.

Good luck and take care.


Goodness Goddess said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! I've only been recently able to write about my illness and recovery. I've only been off gluten for 9 months, so I am still learning about my new diet and health. Please let me know if you see any difference. I hope it works for you too! xo