Friday, August 20, 2010

Healing With The Mind - Is It Possible?

Many people believe that we can heal ourselves with our minds and that all illness is dis-ease - stemming from anxiety, stress, negative thinking, etc. This belief did not help me when I was sick.

I read the books. I accepted and loved my condition. I looked at all the good that had come out of it - more time with my kids, stronger relationships with them, a new appreciation for what really matters in life, ways to enjoy life from the comfort of my home, and more.

I meditated. I exercised. I laughed. I tried to eliminate stressful people and situations from my life. I gave my children and husband love. And I continued to get sicker and sicker.

It was deflating to fail at physical health as well as healing with the mind. Perhaps it was because I was losing hope for recovery while accepting my condition. Perhaps I wasn't healing with my mind in the correct way. Perhaps I was not thinking positive afterall, but only believed I was thinking positive with all those daily affirmations. Perhaps I did not really know myself at all. Perhaps the doctors and others in my life who labeled me "crazy" were right.

If this is the case, then why within days of going off gluten, was I suddenly miraculously healed?

Some might say that I would never have developed gluten intolerance if I'd stayed positive my whole life. That it was my negativity that led to my health condition. But wouldn't I also be able to cure myself then with positive thinking? I was positive thinking the shit out of everything! My husband laughed at me for my acceptance of my dis-ease. He laughed at me for focusing on the positive under such circumstances. That is proof that I was!

Before I was sick I believed we all could heal ourselves with our minds, but I don't think it's true anymore. I don't think that you can cure yourself of any dis-ease through the power of the mind alone. It can make life more tolerable. It can help you find joy on even the worst days of your illness. And it can lessen the burden on the people around you who take care of you. But healing depends on the cause of the dis-ease.

And in my case, it was poison. No amount of positive thinking will heal a person if they are poisoning themselves multiple times daily. And if this applies to one dis-ease. Then there are certainly others.

So take heart if you are one of the positive thinkers who's health is not improving! There is a cause of your illness that is independent of positive thinking and prayer. Find the cause and you'll find your solution.

I suggest you start with your diet because that is what worked for me. xo

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Nitrogen said...

Use the mind to cure the mind and leave the healing of your body to modern medicine.

You know as well as I that both your Spirit and your body have to be in harmony for you to heal.

Life is rough on most of us.

Many times I have had physical illness unduced because of a mental factor. Stress, Fright, an unresolved issue that is nagging at me.

It is quite possible that you have to take a two prong appraoch and heal both your bodies and any outstanding mental issues you feel you need to deal with.

True health needs to be a whole package approach

just my two cents worth for you to think about