Saturday, August 21, 2010

Plans for My Education Crusade

I want to be a part of the health solution and bring miracles to others like what I experienced. I know there must be many other doctors out there with patients they can't diagnose. There are people out there who have already found health again because I shared my story with them.

But spreading the word will take more than just talking and blogging. I want to start a strategic campaign to educate people about this curable disease. It hurts me to imagine how many people are feeling hopeless about their health right now and the solution is at their own fingertips. A simple change in diet.

So far I've just begun to brainstorm my campaign. If anyone would like to join me, feel free to comment and offer advice and suggestions. Here are my ideas so far:

1. Get my medical records from each of my doctors during the time I was ill to the point of disability. Find out the names of all the specialists I saw and ask for my medical records from them as well.

2. Write a letter to each and every one of the doctors I saw and thank them for assisting me on my search for a solution to my health issues. Remind them of the symptoms I was presenting with. Then tell them about my recovery. Include another fact sheet about gluten intolerance in the package and a list of resources for them to investigate if they are interested.

3. Make myself available to speak to nurses and doctors or health organizations dedicated to conditions commonly related to gluten intolerance - chronic fatigue, POTS, fibromyalgia, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, etc. Share my story and what I've learned about my condition.

4. Create a package that can be sent out to doctors and paramedics, teaching them about gluten intolerance and how to identify it.

5. Lobby for the stool tests (like what is done at Enterolab) to be made available through traditional medical means and covered by MSP.

6. Send restaurant franchises information packages about adding gluten free items to their menus, how to avoid cross-contamination, and lists of foods that are gluten free and not gluten free for quick reference.

7. Find out more about how gluten intolerance impacts mental health, then create information packages to send to organizations that treat or serve people with mental health conditions.

8. Talk to news media about gluten intolerance and my campaign to ease the suffering of so many people who are sick and don't know why.

9. De-bunk some of the myths about gluten intolerance, like: celiac disease presents with worse symptoms; if you are only gluten intolerant, you can eat a little; gluten intolerance is not genetic; you are not gluten intolerant if your celiac test is negative, etc.

10. Share and exchange information with other people who are gluten intolerant to create an information network and learn more about how this condition affects and impacts people.

11. Share my medical records with a doctor who is interested in joining this crusade and ask other gf folk to do the same so she/he can compare them and see where the similarities exist.

I will call my organization "Society for the Healing of Intestinal Trauma" or "S.H.I.T." LOL!

Now, who's with me? :)


Yogiberry said...

The Name is excellent excellent so is the ideas. I have bought a really awesome mix that makes pancakes and now on the menu I've added savory waffles...sundried tomatos, soya cheese, garlic, onion, rosemary, sea salt and pepper...they're good..I feel like I'm not missing out at all...the store forces me to be creative!

Do you have a reaction to Bailey's? I read it was on the ok list but again just the other day I had a 1/2 shot and ass hit the floor again and I was dead for hours...this happens every time just like when I eat gluten...anyone else?

Trina Rose said...

I haven't tried Baileys. Weird. Well, I guess you have to listen to your body! Your menu sounds so delicious! Our diet is much more restricted now because we've taken a ton of food out of our house that my son reacts to. I have so many recipes I want to make because our food choices are so limited - for instance an "untomato" sauce so we can have GF pizza's again. I'm working two jobs right now though and I feel like my time is so filled up. I'm glad to hear you're finding chances to experiment and expand at Yogiberry!